“Owned by two Cuban women, Nelly Santiago, and Isela Gonzalez. This authentic casual Bakery/Coffee Shop Restaurant in St Augustine serves a variety of Cuban Sandwiches like our Famous “The Cubano” Cuban Sandwich, Pastries, and the only place in North Florida selling “The Frita”. The Frita gained notoriety in Miami as the Famous Cuban Burger, a must-try! All our food and bakery is made in-house. Our meats are mojo marinated and tender roasted for hours to make you that perfect Cuban Sandwich. We serve fresh-made Bowls with rice, Abuela’s Famous black beans, soups, and a variety of meats and daily specials. Don’t forget the Breakfast Sandwiches & St Augustine’s only Cuban Micro-Scratch Bakery featuring tasty sugary delights, Cuban coffee “The Cafecito” and the tropical fruit smoothies that Cuba is known for. Bienvenidos!”

The meaning of the word Pal·a·dar (pah-lah-dahr)

1. A Spanish tern that translates to “Palate” describing taste or roof of the mouth. This Cuban food satisfies my “paladar”

2. In Cuba is used to refer to a small independent family run restaurant situated in a private home for tourists seeking interaction with the Cuban Culture. Lets go enjoy food at the local “paladar”.